“Whether you’re in Harlingen, San Benito, Brownsville, or anywhere in between – you’ll encounter the very best that our State has to offer. I am proud of the trust that my community has placed in me and ask for your continued support as we continue to make District 38 a priority in Austin.”      — Eddie

District 38 Is My Home

I am proud to call District 38 my home. As a product of Brownsville, I chose this community as the place to raise my family. My children attend Brownsville public schools and my wife, Jaime, and I are small business owners. I am invested in our community and will continue to ensure that District 38 remains a strong hub for economic development and international culture.


Over the last 14 years, I have been a strong advocate for the prosperity of our region. For 2020, my goal is not only to continue the momentum we have built together but to push for a vision that exceeds expectations. Together, we will fight for education funding, so our students and teachers have adequate resources to succeed, we will fight for expanded access to cutting edge medical treatments to help the most vulnerable Texans, and we will prioritize job training and workforce development programs that drive our economy.


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Let's Continue Making Great Progress



  •  Appointed as Chair of the House Committee on Insurance, and as a member of the Public Health Committee and Select Committee on Statewide Healthcare Costs.
  • Steered nationally-recognized drug transparency legislation to reduce and regulate prescription drug prices. (HB 2536)
  • Passed landmark patient protection legislation to ensure patients are not surprised by unexpected medical bills for emergency care. (SB 1264)
  • Created the Medicaid Buy-In Program for families with children who have special needs. (HB 67)
  • Provided access to cutting edge medical treatments for children with autism. (HB 3703)

Public Safety

  • Author of the largest public safety investment in Texas history. (HB 11)
  • Secured $7.5 million for a DPS law enforcement tactical training center in Brownsville.
  • Supports responsible gun ownership through the establishment of universal background checks and the elimination of loopholes.


  • Established the SWIFT program that provides for the planning and financing of water infrastructure needed for the next 50 years
    in Texas. (SJR 1, HB 4)
  • Created the Valley Environmental Summit in order to develop an organized community presence to address key environmental issues.


  •  Voted to secure $6.5 Billion in new funding for public schools that will impact teacher salaries and children’s education. (HB 3)
  • Supported retired school educators and employees by providing for a 13th Check. (SB 12)
  • Authored legislation to significantly expand career and technical education programs. (SB 22)

Commit To Help Eddie Win

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I know no one better to represent House District 38 than Chairman
Eddie Lucio, III.
Julie Johnson
Texas State Representative
Now more than ever, we need exceptional leaders like Eddie in the Texas legislature to continue the strides that he has made and to help further secure the future of Texas.
Ryan Guillen
Texas State Representative
I whole heartedly endorse my good friend and colleague Eddie Lucio III in his re-election bid for the Texas House of Representatives. He is not only effective, he is a genuine voice for the people of South Texas, and I am proud to call him my friend.
Terry Canales
Texas State Representative
Character, work ethic, effectiveness, and compassion, are only some of the reasons that Representative Lucio is a leader in the state and why I am honored to endorse him. We need people like him fighting for our communities, and shaping the state so that our next generation has more opportunities.
Mary Gonzalez
Texas State Representative, El Paso
Rep. Eddie Lucio III is a true leader in Texas. His demonstration of hard work and compassion for his district and the State of Texas show why he is the right choice. It has been an honor to work side by side such a dedicated individual. It is my honor to support and endorse someone I not only call a colleague, but a friend and true Texan.
Mando Martinez
Texas State Representative
I am proud to support my good friend Eddie Lucio III—this man has a heart of gold who works nonstop for the good people in the Rio Grande Valley. Eddie’s work ethic is second to none—we need his leadership in the Texas House of Representatives.
Trey Martinez Fischer
Texas State Representative
I gladly support my colleague Rep. Eddie Lucio in his bid for re-election. Because of his experience and seniority, Eddie is in a position to advance policies that benefit working families—he does not hesitate to use his power for good. And with the upcoming redistricting session, Eddie’s experience and “know how” are now more important than ever for the people of Brownsville (my hometown!)
Gina Hinojosa
Texas State Representative, El Paso
I am proud to support my friend and colleague Eddie Lucio III in his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives. I have served with Representative Lucio for 13 years and have witnessed first hand his commitment to his district and constituents. He is an effective and compassionate leader with a clear passion for helping our state thrive.
Ana Hernandez
Texas State Representative
I am proud to endorse my colleague and friend, Eddie Lucio III in his re-election bid for State Representative House District 38. As a well-respected and accomplished member, the people of HD 38 are fortunate to have Eddie representing their best interests and community.
Mary Ann Perez
Texas State Representative
We play team ball in the Texas house and Eddie has been an important part of making sure we stand up for kids, stand against hatred and stand up for working families. He's part of my winning team and I strongly support his re-election!
Celia Israel
Texas State Representative
I would like to endorse Eddie Lucio III for State Rep. District 38. Eddie has been a friend and colleague of mine for the past decade, and throughout that time, I have found that he cares about his family and his District. He is always willing to work towards making sure his District moves in a positive direction. Eddie does what’s best for Texas, South Texas and especially Cameron County.
Oscar Longoria
Texas State Representative
Rep. Eddie Lucio III is a tireless fighter for Texas families, and I’m proud to call him a colleague and friend. Session after session, he comes to the Capitol to continue his advocacy for the disabled, veterans, the sick and under-insured, and the school children of Texas. Rep. Lucio is not intimidated by long odds, political opposition, or complicated policy and stands up for women and equality. Whether it’s a better health care system, clean water or disaster relief, Rep. Lucio has the backs of Texans across the state.
Donna Howard
Texas State Representative

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