Welcome and thank you for visiting. I am honored to serve the people in our community. I am committed to representing my district in efforts to continue improving the quality of education, increasing access to health care, expanding our transportation infrastructure and strengthening economic development.


During my time in the legislature, I have worked diligently to attain passage of significant legislation that not only benefits the Rio Grande Valley, but the entire State of Texas. I look forward to continuing our work in the state legislature and seeking new and innovative approaches to tackle the challenges that lie ahead


I respectfully ask for your vote and your support. Thank you!



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Representative Lucio's legislative record affects areas that are extremely essential to the development and long-term interests of South Texas , including:


  • Creating the foundation for a medical school in South Texas
  • Establishing the Medicaid Buy-In Program for children with special needs
  • Making higher education more affordable and attainable
  • Expanding insurance coverage for children with autism
  • Awarding college credit for military service
  • Establishing helmet safety standards for student-athletes
  • Establishing energy efficiency standards for state facilities and vehicles
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